Our story

Family always connected with nature. A tradition that even the new generations cannot defy. This is how Fabjan wines come to life. Jušto who is following the knowledge of his predecessors, Uroš and Tom, who grew up on Karst soil and have been loving it since they were born. And of course, Bojana, uniting her men together and believe it or not, adding a strong character to the wines as well. This is our family. We breathe in the Karst soil, we are strengthened by the bora winds, inspired by the sea views. We want our love for the Karst to be reflected in the wines we produce.

Wine cellar

Wine production is not for the impatient ones. It takes time and knowledge to deliver a noble drink from grape berries. Vineyards never heard about days off and holidays. When the vine requires it, it must be pruned, tied, protected, while the quality of its fruits has to be constantly monitored. The Fabian family knows what sugar-to-acid ratio is just right to call friends for harvesting. What would usually be an ordeal turns into a social event, whilst the wider family and close acquaintances become tireless harvesters who know that at the end of a difficult day their efforts will be repaid at the table.

Harvesting is followed by destemming and crushing, the first two steps in wine production. This is how grapes are removed from the rachis and the berries skin is broken so that the grape juice takes the first breath. Destemming is followed by maceration of red wines and some white ones. Maceration occurs when grape juice remains in contact with the skin for a longer period of time. The process is responsible for stronger aromas, intense colors and fuller taste of the final product.

Finally, grapes meet the wine cellar during the process of pressing, when the sweet must is poured into barrels. What followed was left to the nature’s inspiration in the past, while today wine producers like Jušto strictly follow the progression. Their concern is understandable: they want their year-round efforts in the vineyard to be reflected in the excellent characteristics of the wine.

The first ones to introduce themselves to the wider public are the young wines, but they must however continue to be nourished in order to be suitable for bottling.

Our cellar is capable enough to take care of all the steps in the wine production. We can thus perfectly combine the knowledge of our grandparents with the latest technologies in production of precious drops.

Our wines

Quality wines that meet the favor of connoisseurs and wine lovers



Vitovska Fabjan is a fresh, aromatic wine of a beautiful ...


Straw yellow in colour, with strong hints of yellow-skinn...


Ruby-red in colour, with an intense palate woven with spi...


Vitovska Pulje

The rich golden colour of this wine is a result of it spe...

Bianco Pulje

Pale yellow in colour, scattered with golden refections, ...


With its pale-yellow colour, sparkling with golden reflec...

Rosso Pulje

Ruby red in colour, with garnet reflections, this wine is...


This Merlot, with its rich, ruby red colour, contains the...


When a foreigner comes to the Karst, he first learns about our “osmice”. Not only because we, the people of Karst, are extremely proud of the traditions of our ancestors, but also because it is the best place to meet all of the Karst in one location. Historically, the osmica was an opportunity for a farmer to provide his home-grown produce eight days a year without having to pay taxes. Nowadays, osmice became a place to hang out, have fun and try long forgotten recipes. We, too, cannot resist this tradition and we open our doorso visitors twice a year. Of course, we offer our own wines, but we don’t stop there. We bring prosciutto, pancetta and other meat delicacies to the table as well as home-cooked eggs, which should never be missing in the basket on the counter. For each osmica we discover new recipes of our grandmas and interpret them in a modern way.

Believe us when we say, that the osmice is not all about food and drinks, but offers a genuine contact with the winemaker's family, the locals and other Karst lovers.

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